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Half Hulls
Half Hulls

  Half-hulls were originally used by shipwrights to develop the lines of a full-sized vessel, prior to construction. Typically, a series of wooden planks (lifts) representing various heights above and below the waterline were assembled, and then carved to the desired shape. Once the designer was satisfied with the shape of the hull, shipwrights converted the final shape to the lines of the actual vessel through a process called lofting. Eventually, this process was largely replaced by drafted plans, but half-hulls continue to be used in traditional boat building. For example, the famous racing lobsterboat RED BARON, was lofted from a half-hull. BlueJacket, in turn, used this same half- hull to develop the plans from which its kit of the RED BARON was created.

  BlueJacket Shipcrafters offers both custom built half-hulls and kits (see below). Our custom half-hulls can have a traditional clear (also known as “bright”) finish or can be fully painted, and are individually hand carved. A clear finished half-hull model can be constructed utilizing your choice of decorative woods. Frequently, alternating layers of different woods are used to show the lifts, or contrasting woods are used for the area above and below the waterline, all with a satin finished backboard designed to complement your model.

  Painted models, using either flat or gloss paint (as appropriate), can be provided with details such as deck hardware, cabins, masts, bowsprits, hatches, ports etc. Even unique name graphics can be added on the side of the hull.

  BlueJacket is often asked to incorporate half-hulls as part of commemorative or presentation awards, as well as both perpetual or individual trophies. Typically, the name of the award is engraved upon a large brass plaque. The half-hull is mounted either at the top of the award or under the name plaque. For a perpetual trophy, there are usually a number of smaller brass plaques to be engraved at a later date with the names of the awardees.

  Please contact BlueJacket to discuss a half-hull model of your boat, any vessel that has meaning to you, or for that very special trophy or presentation.

ENDEAVOUR | half hull model, 1934 J-Boat

In response to many requests, BlueJacket has created a kit for the modeler wishing to build a half hull model using the traditional "lift" method. We have chosen ENDEAVOUR, one of the most graceful hulls ever built, as our subject. The kit contains pre-cut lifts (in alter-nating layers of basswood and mahogany), a chamfered solid cherry backboard (6" x 23"), brass nameplate, plans, and illustrated instruction booklet. The modeler learns to glue the lifts, carve and sand them to conform to the true hull shape, finish the model and backboard, and assemble the completed model. ENDEAVOUR can be varnished, showing the decorative alternating basswood and mahogany layers, or painted as on the original yacht.

ITEM # K1060 | Finished: $625 | Kit: $115 | LOA: 19 3/4" Scale: 5/32"

Endeavour Paint Kit $29.95


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