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Two New Models of GEARING Class Destroyers

The GEARING class of destroyers has been described as the pre-eminent destroyer emerging from WWII. During the 1960s much of the fleet, including GEARINGs underwent Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM). GEARING was essentially changed from her deck on up. Two major armament systems were added, the DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) and ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket), as well as substantially upgrading her electronic systems.

Both kits are offered at an introductory price of $375, effective until 7/30/12, at which time the kit prices will each be $430.00. Both kits are in a scale of 1:192, and are appropriate for expert modelers. See photos below.

USS GEARING, DD-710, WW II, circa 1945 Kit: K1945

Gearing DD710

Gearing DD710 Gearing DD710

Gearing DD710 Gearing DD710

USS GEARING, DD-710, FRAM 1, circa 1962 Kit: K1961


Whaling Brig KATE CORY

Master shipcrafter Charlie Cook built this very fine model of the whaling brig KATE CORY, in a scale of 1:48 (1/4”=1’). He has worked for BlueJacket for over 25 years and many of you know him as the voice on the other end of BlueJacket's help line for modelers building BlueJacket kits. Charlie's particular area of expertise is building period sailing vessels, although he is equally adept at building power vessels.

There are numerous features on this model, such as a coppered bottom made from individual, properly scaled copper plates. Her four whaleboats are fully fitted out, with a furled sail, pulling and steering oars, harpoons, lances, line and line tubs, etc. Starboard, amidship Charlie has modeled a "cutting-in stage" in the lowered position. Doors, companionways, and opening hatches/storage spaces are fitted with appropriate pulls. Just aft of the foremast he has modeled a brick tryworks, including 2 kettles, work bench, vise, harpoon,etc.

BlueJacket Custom Models

With sufficient information, BlueJacket can build an exact miniature model of your pride and joy. This J44 racing sailboat is a case in point. In addition to a full set of plans from her builder, BlueJacket took approximately 250 digital photos of her to capture all of her myriad of details. As these photos indicate, if we can see it, we can model it. For example, the Switlik life raft forward of the companionway, the Furuno radar, the B & G instrument covers, the Life Sling, etc. etc.

First in a New Series of Models-GREAT AMERICAN WORKBOATS

This is the first in a new series of BlueJacket models “GREAT AMERICAN WORKBOATS”. Coming in the future will be boats such as Florida shrimpers, NE Draggers, Maine Sardine Carrier, etc. These models will all be modestly priced, and designed for the less experienced builder.

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Our custom commissions are surprisingly affordable. As long as we have or can obtain reliable information, we will build any vessel, antique or modern, power or sail, naval, commercial, or private.

BlueJacket has been building custom models for 105 years. Pictured is a classic Hinckley Southwest 42, built for a very proud owner. Why not commission a model of your pride and joy? We will build it accurately, in any reasonable scale, and with a guaranteed completion date. Our credentials are impeccable, our quality is a given, and you have the assurance that our models are built by our craftspeople in Maine, not overseas, somewhere.

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