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Newsletter Archive    
2013 Tip of the Month Model of the Month
March Shipping Models Custom center cockpit sloop
May painting models Custom Lobster Yacht
June figureheads Linconville Wherry
July wakes for dioramas Charlotte White
October USS Cabot
November Bowline knot Yankee Hero
December Prepping blocks Nantucket

2014 Tip of the Month Model of the Month
January Painting blocks and fittings Optimist Dinghy
Febuary var & misc Fanny Gorham
March clove hitch SS Lane Victory
April coloring rigging line Queen Mary
May making water Nantucket with LED's
June deadeyes - Dan Pariser Yacht America
July stepping masts Yankee Hero
August Making octagonal spars 80' Elco PT
September making rope coils Spray
October jig for paddlewheels Charles P. Notman
November Numbered drill sizes Sovereign of the Seas
December ratlines 1930 tugboat

2015 Tip of the Month Model of the Month
January Anchor bend Gertrude Theobaud
Febuary masking waterlines CSS Alabama
March silkspan sails Young America
April scale Yawl Dyna
May painting stripwood Godspeed (Charles Notman)
June frame vs bulkhead HMS Victory
July Staining rigging thread Le Superbe
August signing your model SS Portland
September signing your model Kronprinzessin Cecille
October Workbench Glasses USS Kearsarge
November wet sanding SS Andrea Doria
December cuticle scissors Sea Horse

2016 Tip of the Month Model of the Month
January rope coils Mary Taylor kit video
Febuary painting boottops Constitution co-incidence
March making small eyebolts Nantucket inspection ship
April drybrushing Glouchester repair (Phil Trask)
May Furled silkspan sails (Ronnenberg) Friendship of Salem
June cleaning CA applicator J/24
July Fillers Rainbow/Endeavor
August jigs White Wings
September painting scrollwork Pauline
October Painting Scrollwork Part 2 Elco 80' PT Boat
November lifting rings Friendship Sloop
December Ratline spacing Seguin

2017 Tip of the Month Model of the Month
January Ratlines part two USS Kearsarge
Febuary Staining wood using paint USS Arleigh Burke
March Making tapered masts HO Scale Towboat
April Using chemical blackening agents USS Constitution
May Making shroud fairleads J/24 keelboat
June Making femished rope coils PT-34
July Making Shrouds Pioneer
August Making ratlines and battens Lavinia M. Snow
September Fixing Dents In Wood PT 109
October Attach blocks to yards USS Constitution
November Shaping curved parts SS Edmund Fitzgerald


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