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Restorations and Repairs

BlueJacket is very happy to offer the services of our expert Yankee shipcrafters for the purpose of cleaning, repairing, and/or restoring your very precious model. Whenever we undertake a repair or restoration, we do so with the intent of preserving the integrity of the model, retaining as much of the work and techniques of the original builder as is possible. Your model really will be handled with tender, loving care. While having the opportunity to examine a model is always preferable, if distance or logistics make it impractical, a reasonably accurate estimate can be arrived at by means of photographs and conversations. Please contact BlueJacket to discuss your requirements. A major part of the reason why models have reached the “before” stage in these photos is because they were not properly protected by a glass case. While a model is being restored is the perfect opportunity for BlueJacket to build a custom case, to protect and enhance your model.

(before, after)


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