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“I received your replacement part for the Lobster Boat yesterday, and want to thank you for your prompt support. It is unusual these days to find that kind of friendly assistance. I will remember and share my thought with others.” – Tom H., Rutland, VT

“The team at BlueJacket were fabulous with assisting me with my order! The customer service was very professional! When my order arrived I was very pleased with the quality of the product. I will be using Bluejacket for all my orders in the future! Will definitely use them again. No issues and no concerns” -Greg A.

“We visited Bluejacket last summer and they have quality model ships, glass cases & fittings any ship modeler needs. Visiting the showroom is like going to a museum with 100 completed models on display. As a Maine manufacturer you can see how they are made. What a fun & educational visit we had!” – Ginny R.

“Very high standard of customer service. All items are excellent quality along with a wide variety available with a knowledgeable staff and a business owner only interested in one thing…the customers total satisfaction. A great shopping experience.” – John

“I have bought kits and hobby materials from Bluejacket for almost 20 years. They have always delighted me. I especially appreciate that they possess the rare qualities of: enthusiasm for the model ship hobby; flawless and prompt customer support; and the vision to listen and act on suggestion from their customers. Their pricing is competitive and overall product/purchase value is off the charts. Lastly they treat us novices with the same respect and service that they give their expert model builders” – Jim E.

“I presently have 13 models displayed in various parts of my home, I’ve probably constructed 8-10 additional which have been given away. Probably 80% of them are Bluejacket, the balance being Amati & Model Shipways. I much prefer Bluejacket due to the high quality of the kit materials and the detail of the plans.” – Larry C., Wisconsin, USA

“Thanks again Nic. The model (C.S.S. Alabama kit #7) has arrived here in good shape and I am quite impressed with the quality. Congratulations on a noble effort. Again thanks so much for the excellent kit and prompt service” – Michael F., Georgia, USA

“Last September you sold a Spray kit to me and I had a lot of fun with it. Hull, deck and standing rigging are finished now. The materials in the kit are great and I am absolutely satisfied.” – Stefan K., Germany

“I’ve built your large America, and I’ve been associated with a model ship collector in NY and have looked over a lot of “kits” and scratch builds, and have come to the conclusion that yours are by far the best.” Rich H., New York, USA

“I ordered a case and asked if Bluejacket could provide the dimensions for the glass. I just wanted to let you know that the dimensions were spot on and the case went together perfectly. Also the case itself is the nicest that I’ve seen. I really appreciate the customer service and follow up by Bluejacket.” – Jim K., Massachusetts, USA

“You kit quality and plans and instructions served me extremely well throughout the process. I have new found love for this hobby which I’m sure will be actively involved in from now on. My sincere thanks for the quality you bring to producing your kits. I look forward to years of enjoyment with future kits. ” – Mike G., Maine, USA

“Nic, I want to tank you for your excellent customer service that you have provided. Bluejacket has always manufactured high quality component and kits, especially fittings(which are the best anywhere).” – Stuart M., California, USA

“One of my most memorable experiences was visiting your store in Searsport, Maine. My wife and I were on a road trip with a definite trip to Bluejacket, and I was very impressed with the courtesy, knowledge and friendship your associates provided.” – Eric R., Florida, USA

“Perhaps some of us model builders don’t appreciate this, but I find it thrilling when your directions point out a part of ship. I love learning new terms and then applying it with your excellent directions to the model. It is and will always be a pleasant experience working with Bluejacket.” – Eric R., Florida, USA

“Great kit with high quality materials. Studying catalog for next project.” Robert W., Ohio, USA

“The 1/4″ blocks arrived and WOW are they beautiful!!! They are beautiful worth looking at, vastly superior to the chips of wood supplied in other kits. Many thanks to everyone at Bluejacket” – David B., Florida, USA

“My latest Bluejacket order arrived a few days ago! I am very happy with both the very prompt response to the order, the quality of the castings, and your willingness to expand the original order with the several “new” items. The deck plates were a surprise since they were well above what I had been expecting. Indeed they were perfect for their intended purpose! Your level of customer support is truly amazing and the quality of your products is superb!” – M.L.B., North Carolina, USA

“Once again… saved by Bluejacket!!! The parts arrived in Today’s mail; much quicker than anticipated” – M.L.B., North Carolina, USA

“I appreciate the quality of the kits that Bluejacket produces and for the encouraging the art of ship modelling.” – David A.,  Ontario, Canada

“Wow! You had an enthusiast before…but this is what customer service is all about!!!” – John G., New York, USA

“Thank you so much for the plans! What a surprise. Even my wife commented on your superior customer service. Ill never buy a ship model from any place else!” – Tom B., Ohio, USA

“Well the laser cut parts arrived yesterday. Wow! I was floored by how great they looked. They exceeded my wildest expectations. The quality of the cuts and the raster lines are fantastic. Thanks for the great effort. I am inspired to continue this project which I have already been working on for over 2 years.” – Stephen G., Maryland, USA

”This is the 15th case received from Bluejacket and they have all arrived in perfect condition. Shipping and packaging the case is a little more costly, but over 12 years all of the cases have arrived in good order all the way from Maine and not one was damaged. Thanks to Bluejacket.” – Duane T.,  Arizona, USA

Join over 5,000 readers of our monthly newsletter!

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: . You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact